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Bankruptcy in 90 days

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You get Bankrupt about several reasons. The Game plays completely differnt after the important Refits and more Enemy-Integrations in V.22. To get alive the first half Year (182 Days) and longer you have to do the following Steps:

1. Only upgrade your Main-Base with an Hospital, Training Centre, Storage Room, Generator and two Rocket-Defenses, the first 3 are very important in the first Base-Upgrade directly by Gamestart. In the second Month (Day 31) you get more Money for the Generator and one Rocket-Defense, in the third month (Day 62) for the second Rocket-Defense, which are important too.

2. After you get the Cleaner-Information to 125%, which get realy fast (the Autopsy and Interrogaton of a Living one gives you a big Boost), make your Soldiers Battle-Ready for the Cleaner-Base. But don´t attack it, before you are Battle-Ready for it.

3. To get better Battle-Ready for heavyer Aliens and the Cleaner-Base-Attack you have to upgrade your existing Weapons (Standard-Weapons) to Accellerated, which need some Time. The Riflemens, Infantry, Shotgunners and LMG-Soldiers get Minimum the Defender-Armor with the Plate Suit [Shotgunners, Riflemens, Infantry, Sniper] / Target Aid [LMG, Grenadiers]. Much better in that Combination is for the Front-Troopers the Warden-Armor with with the Plate Suit [Shotgunners, Riflemens, Infantry] / Target Aid [LMG] and Standard-Suit with Plate Suit [Snipers] / Standard-Suit with Target Aid [Grenadiers].

4. Until you get the Camoulfage Suit [an upgrade from your Standard Suit], which get the Warden-Armor and Plate-Suit completely integrated, you get an big Upgrade. Before you have to use the Vest and Plate-Suit-Upgrade seperatly first. That new Suit I use for my Grenadiers, Snipers and LMGs. After you get the Camouflage Suit [Stealth Armor], you can use the Target Aid and better Vests [like the Healing Suit] much better.

5. The Front-Troopers get the Guardian-Battle-Armor [Riflemens, Infantry, Shotgunners] with an Healing Suit as Upgrade.

That´s the Main 5 Points, I do for the Upgrades for my Soldiers. To give them more Firepower, 1 Soldier (later 2) get replaced from MARS-Vehicles with Upgrades there too [Alloy Armor, Rocket Launcher and Laser-Cannon].

To get more Money in the Game and the first Year (360 Days) you have to do following:

1. Make Autopsys, which get 100.000 Founds for the most Autopsys directly. Then you get about 300.000 to 400.000 Founds in the beginning Phases. I use that for the Upgrade of my Soldiers to geth them faster Battle-Ready and for 1 / 2 MARS-Vehicle for Support. The Vehicles are very good, esp. after they get the first Armor-Upgrade from Steel to Alloy.

2. Some Autopsys / Interrogations give you an monthly Found Upgrade (total 300.000 Founds [about 50.000 Founds or a little bit more for each Founder-Nation]).

3. After you get this Upgrades (Weapons / Vests / Armor) for your Soldiers, attack the Cleaner-Base at about that Time you get your Game-Over. In most Cases the Attack is done about Day 100 to 115 (don´t forgett the Accelerated Weapons and minimum light Armor / Vests). Then you get 1.000.000 Founds directly and an first big monthly Founds-Upgrade from all Founder-Countrys.

4. After you get your own Aircrafts (f. e. Pegasus Dropship / X-55 Phantom-Interceptor) and you Decomission the X-25 Angels as well as the Skyhawk-Dropship the montly Leasing-Rate drops drastically, which gives you more Founds at Month-End (about 300.000 only for the X-25 Squadron and Pegasus-Dropship in total).

8. With that you can build up an secondary Base in America or Asia-Pacific / Russia-Asia. I place my first Base like you in Africa with the full Radar-Coverage over Europe / Africa. Means: If all goes well, you don´t need more than 4 Bases in total. 1 Main-Base (with everything you need) and 3 smaller Bases (Storage, Fighters, Radar, Defenses).

But that is the atm-Status. I concentrate on that in the V.22-Gameplay. We will see how the Gameplay will be with the upcomming Version V.23, which get more already testet and refited / upgraded Features back and more Surprisses like the Cleaners we don´t know yet.

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Everything is irrelevant if missions you do, do not yield any income.

Let's get from the start

1. Starting fund 750k

2, Initial expenses: Training Facility, Angel squadron, MARS

3. 2 cleaner missions in first 30 days that yield no income.

4. End of month - Expenses are greater than income. First major distaste for most of the (new) players.

Month 1

1. Researched cleaner body that gives paltry amount of credits, which are negated by expenses such as replacing soldiers and upgrading weapons. Since you do not earn money your finances will be low enough to get any upgrades

2. 2 cleaner missions that yield no profit, shot down 2 small ufos for no profit, stopped alien raid for no profit

3. End of month finances in negative

Month 2.

1. Researched sebillian corpse, further expenses in soldier loses and equipment upgrade

2. 1 Cleaner mission (reveals base), 1 medium ufo mission - 0 profit

Game ends.


Player should not be dancing hula hoops with finances at the game start

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Then you play wrong. Otherwise it´s not explainable.

With my Explenation and Soldiers / MARS-Vehicles used with care, you can play without Problems to Day 365+. In my last Gameplay (V.22.5) I and many other Testers were in that timeline and minimum 1 more Base in Action.

In the Beginning and Midgame you will be ever outguned and have to use your Equipment / Soldiers with 1.000% care. That realistic Thing is integrated in all Games of that Gerne. Dosen´t matter if it´s old X-COM, new XCOM, Phoenix Point, UFO-ET-Series, old UFO-After-Series, Alien: AI and other Fan-Projects as well as Xenonauts 1.

In Xenonauts 2 it isn´t different. The Devs wrote already, that it will be done as realistic against the Aliens. Means: You are outgunned, outnumberd and outresourced. If you don´t look for your People / Equipment and have to train / build everytime new, than it´s clear that you get Bankrupt and don´t hold the first Minimum 6 Month (180 Days).

Play it like I wrote above, then you will see the Difference to your Playstile (all In) and the Others (like Emely and mine) which can play without Problems to the atm. Beta-Stop-Part (incl. R & D and Testing / Upgrading).





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Good Joke Silencer, I laugh, when I have time.

What I mean with "Wrong Playstile" is when the Playstile don´t get adjustet to the latest Game-Version. I have done in the V.22.0-Version an similar Mistake like you, until I have changed my Playstile to the announced Points in my first Threat.

The Devs announced in the last Dev Dirays and Version-Presentations, that big Game-Changes will come in to make it more interessting. That includes the "Cleaners", "Spys" and whatever, which block your Income etc. Some testet cool Features (like the Outposts which bring in Money or such) are not in atm, but with the new V.23 + Versions we will get more of that back. About 80% or 90% from the Testet Parts are in Upgrade- / Refit-Work or come back in an other shape.  

An similar Example you have with Hoi 4 after the first big Refit with 1.11 "Barbarossa" and the DLC "No Step Back". If you play then with the Playstile from 1.0.0 to 1.10.8 and prevoius DLCs, then you will go down faster as you can say "Iwo Jima".  

What I have learned (and with the old X-COM-Games as well as UFO 1 ET on the hard Way) in over 30 Years of Gaming is to make a Plan before playing. That includes to use your Money, Supply and esp. Soldiers / Fighter-Craft / Support-Vehicles etc. very very wisely.

And with that Project "Xenonauts 2", which is completely new to all of us or the most of us [Founder and fully Betatester] we have to learn fast adjustment to the next Versions. Esp. in the Alpha / Beta-Phases with every upcomming Version (like from V.21 to V.22) where new Features come in, Features get Changed / Upgraded / Refited, Mainparts get Canceld or Cut out for Refit / Rework and so on.

Some Games (like the 303 Squadron: Battle for Britain / U-Boat) are mostly coming as Early Access, which is a Stable Version you can Test. Or in both Variants (Stable / Unstable) where more Features for Testing come in to make the Game better. The best Example here is U-Boat, which is like "Xenonauts 2" in fully Devolpment. But the Difference here is, that most Parts of the Game are done [Early Access], with more Features and missing Content comes in.

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If funds are going to be in a low amount at the start of the game and is a big hurtle for the player to overcome, I don't think that it should cause a game over if the player fails to break even two months in a row. Maybe if your funds go under 0, then the world's panic will increase by a set amount for every time funding goes under 0. This panic increase should also increase with each time in a row that the funds go under zero (ex. the first time it happens it's 10 panic, next is 20 panic, 30 panic, etc). This would still punish the player for not keeping up with maintenance costs while still allowing for some interesting decision making and benefits. First of all, the player does not lose immediately if this were to happen so inexperienced players will not get screwed over if they made poor money decisions, and, more interestingly, this allows the player to risk going under their budget and suffering panic in exchange for using that money for more important purposes if the player desires (building weapons, interceptors, base structures, etc). Perhaps the panic rise would also increase depending on the difficulty chosen, separating the difficulties from each other a little more. 

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Therefore I said already ATM = at the Moment. We all don´t know what the Devs are implementing from already Tested Features in Version 23, 24 etc. again as well as complete new untested Features to make the Game more interessting for the Storyline and so on.

What we know already is that the Stress-System and Panic-System come back after an long Refit.

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