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Youtube policy

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Some people have tried to reach out on youtube to me, and still havent gotten the memo. So here it is again.


I would like to emphasise the following again, and will put it in every future description of every video.

YOUTUBE hides, blocks, and deletes comments at will. This is mostly done automatically by a bot.

1) I dont hold comments for review. As the creator of the video, I dont hold any comments where or whatsoever.
2) Creator settings have no influence on YOUTUBE´s power to hide, block and remove comments.
3) Hiding, blocking and removing comments can be based on any number of criteria, including but not limited to, user, comment content, perceived as spam, inapropriate topic. YOUTUBE reserves the right to remove any and all comments that go against its policy. And everything can be against its policy.

Using the word for the human part where people usually sit on can and will get your comment automatically removed. The word is "ass". A lot of phrases use it, and all of them can be targeted.
YOUTUBE IS NOT A COMMUNICATION PLATFORM. Its purpose is to store videos and make them available to watch, and that FREE OF CHARGE. YOUTUBE is not evil, its a proprietary organisation that can do whatever it wants to.

So please if you try to contact people do it over the appropriate channels. YOUTUBE is not a communication platform. If you want to make sure your message gets through use something else.

I am grateful for YOUTUBE providing servers for videos to people who want to watch them, free of charge.


Additionally i want to point out that YOUTUBE analyses the audio of videos ( obviously ) and finding words like "ass" can and will the video restricted viewership without notifiying you. The like and dislike button can and will be manipulated by YOUTUBE so whatever you see there is at no point accurate, or representative of the people who clicked or didnt click the Like and Dislike buttons.

Comments that are visible on your account may not be visible to other people, up to not being visible at all, even though it shows up on your screen.

YOUTUBE is not a communication platform, please use the appropriate channels to reach out to people.

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That's right. I got to admit that I sent the according person (I assume) to your YT page as they did not want to make a forum account, and I don't think you are reachable via Discord.


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