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Xenonauts-2 Closed Beta Build V22.5 Hotfix Released! (Experimental Branch)


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This is what we hope will be the final hotfix for Beta Build V22. Again, you'll need to be on the Experimental Branch to access the build. If you had a playthrough of the previous hotfix underway then you can continue playing V22.4 on the Legacy Branch if you wish.

  • You can now use Spacebar in the tactical combat to speed up the move of the currently selected soldier. Pressing space if a soldier is not moving will mark the current soldier as "done" and select the next closest soldier that is not yet done. If all soldiers are done, it will ask you if you want to end the turn.
    • Press Escape to stop the movement of the current soldier, like spacebar used to!
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading a tactical mission if the MARS loadout got corrupted, causing your MARS to be constructed with no armour equipped.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur on any map with Reaper Cocoons (the Icelandic Outpost map being the most common).
  • Fixed a crash on the strategy layer in the late game that could happen when a Harvester with escorts spawned.
  • The Cruiser UFO now has teleporters on its upper level, allowing ground units to reach them.
  • The Harvester UFO no longer has what appear to be invisible walls blocking movement and vision through the upper levels.
  • Fixed various visual issues with the multi-level UFOs, particularly those involving the doors being blacked out even when they should be visible.
  • Interceptors no longer gain a permanent armour boost after every combat they take part in.
  • If a UFO escort is destroyed in battle but the main UFO survives, the escort UFO will not appear as a "ghost" if you attempt a second air combat against that UFO squadron.
  • You no longer receove 3 dropships instead of 1 when you build a dropship.
  • Cover indicators in the tactical combat are now appearing again.
  • Laser Weapon research text has been updated.
  • New corpse / stunned inventory art added for the Cleaners, Mentarch and Eternal enemies.
  • Rush Replace button for a destroyed aircraft now shows the cost, and replaced aircraft have a short delay before they arrive.
  • Stun Gun and Electroshock Pistol / Rifle can now all be reloaded correctly. Visual errors in their tooltips are also fixed.
  • Plasma Rifle engineering project is no longer broken.
  • Fixed a number of engineering projects not deducting their cost from the player properly.
  • Adding an ammo clip to a weapon no longer increases the weight of that weapon, which means the displayed "weight" on a weapon tooltip is now accurate.
  • Doors on the upper levels of multi-floor UFOs should no longer be hidden by the shroud even when they should be visible.
  • Various tree clumps on Boreal / Polar / Tropical maps now have 150HP and will correctly disappear if destroyed.
  • Fixed visual issues with various polar outpost doors. The polar outpost floors now display the damaged / destroyed overlay correctly.
  • Stealthsuit research project now generates a pop-up on completion like other research projects.
  • Soldier role names on the Armory screen soldier assignment list now support longer names, and no longer overflow if too long
  • Fixed an animation issue with one-handed weapons (e.g. pistols) where the second hand wouldn't properly track the aiming of the weapon

Let us know if you continue to experience any other bugs. This build will be released onto the standard Stable branches once we're happy with the stability.

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Thanks Chris for the Hotfix. Begunn Testing it yesterday Evening.

The Airforce-Armor fix I have to test out. That is a must have Bugfix as well as the other big ones, which get mentioned.

To get an upgraded Research Text for Lasers sounds great too as an Bonus.

That seems to be the first Beta-Version I wanna play through as best before the new V.23-Version will come out.

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