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V 22.3


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I'm atm doing campaing on V.22.3 but i found few interesting bugs:

1. Tier 5 UFO, When inside UFO, teleporters wont let me teleport to second Floor (can't finish the mission) (screenshot nr 1)


2. When you press inside mission on right top corner Abort mission button + when you return to geoscope from mission all Secondary armor dissapears from inventory, i had 10 platesuits, im guessing it happends to all secondary armor(screenshot nr 4)


3. When equiping torpedos to tier 1 aircrafts after research , their armor increase with every battle vs UFO (screenshot 3), please dont nerf it, it's too glorious xD.


4. When soldier has items added to belt or backpack, imagine items from left to right, slot nr 1-4 Taken, slot nr 5 empty, when i try sometimes move item from backpack to belt it's kinda hard to put items to slot nr 5. I had to manually remove item from slot 4 to put but without any issue to slot 5. It's kinda hard put to words, but definetly there is still some issue with items when moving between belt or backpack. You guys need to test it when drag and drop with other items to detect issue, it's kinda hard to describe what causing this issue.


5. When aircrafts activate Afterburner(Speed Boost on retreat). They should move outside battle zone, instead they return to middle point of the battle and simply dance with other enemy aircrafts(Screenshot number 2)


6. Laser Shotgun sound too loud - my ears nearly died to those laser shotgun shot sounds


7. When i click on engineering this wonderfull button called Base Upgrades = it uses Alien Alloys/Components or Alienium, but it doesn't consume money, for example i had 1.000.000 dolars in bank, upgrade cost 500.000, clicked on upgrade, it used resourses, but did not use cash.


I'm still gonna continue campaing on V.22.3 because i dont wanna just be like new patch, another campaing... ,because my brain gonna melt.

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CaptainsPrice, yeah I found 2 Bugs too.

The announced Fighter-Bug with Armor-Increase after UFO-Battles. Dosen´t matter you have Gun and Sidewinders / Torpedo or only Torpedos or Sidwinders. And dosen´t matter what Armor-Type you have (Steel or Alloys).

And with V.22.3 / V.22.4 the Reload-Bug for the Stun-Guns.

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@Chris Brother Chris i finished Xenonauts-2 Run since im unable progress further because Battleship OP and I can't aquire technology in order to counter them, because Tier 5 and Tier 6 UFO - unable to finish them. Since i reached lvl where i can't kill Battleships - i decided to stop here. Save files below:








My Findings:

1. I don't know if that was intended, but after soldier death - The Main armor that soldier was wearing dissapears from inventory(soldier body was laying on the ground)

2. When you try transfer items from Storage room between bases and game says pay 400$ - game doesnt take my money and transfer for free.

3. Trying to press button called Commence Project (Build Plasma Riffle) = Game won't build Plasma Riffle


4. All Base upgrades don't want my $ when i purchase them

5. On first run i killed Interceptors, but i wasnt able to kill Main Alien Aircraft, on second try Ghost Interceptors appear


6.Tier 6 UFO(Harvester) not accessable = can't aquire technology to progress further


7. Alien Fusion Grenade - don't know if this range was intended or not but it has 7x7 title range:


8. Enginners produce 3x Skyhawks / 3x DragonFly Dropships into single 2x2 Hangar - like what? + also game don't need $ to build them, they are for free.


9. Aircrafts getting stuck next to base after reloading save file


10. No description in Xenopedia about Stealth Armor

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9 hours ago, Chris said:

@CaptainSPrice thanks for the reports, I'm just working my way through all of it now. Appreciate the time and effort spent playing through to battleships!

@ChrisYou should if you have time check Human Tier 3 Aircrafts don't remember the name but they were Maruders i think or named something else - with relocation and engagments when doing Air battle. Also you planning on adding Tier 3 Laser Cannons  and tier 5 Plasma cannons for aircrafts(upgrades)?

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13 hours ago, CaptainSPrice said:

@ChrisYou should if you have time check Human Tier 3 Aircrafts don't remember the name but they were Maruders i think or named something else - with relocation and engagments when doing Air battle. Also you planning on adding Tier 3 Laser Cannons  and tier 5 Plasma cannons for aircrafts(upgrades)?

Yeah, I'll give that stuff a check. The next hotfix probably won't arrive for a few days at least so no need for you to hurry - you've found quite a few issues we need to fix :)

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