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[B4X2] ironman vet rebalance


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logo.png.2b9020ced4fd65b531cf57edeb8f2e72.pngv.1 as part of my [B4X2] mod collection

  • works in Community Edition (0.35) and in Vanilla too
  • ~ 5 kB download

This mod changes:

  • summarizes all gameconfig.xml changes to make the [B4X2] collection possible to win in IRONMAN & VETERAN difficulty, most importantly the "More Planes" Mod where you need to run several bases holding independent dropship squads to tackle distant alien terror sites
  • boosts starting funds
  • boosts relation bonus for doing ground missions
  • changes starting layout and staff
  • changes staff costs (cheaper soldiers, more expensive scientists) - you´ll lose 10 or so men per month, have a roster of 60+ men
    • to make your many soldiers look distinct with less repetition in portraits, use my "Bigger Pool" Mod
  • changes buildings.xml and reduces staff capacity to encourage base founding
  • lost continents can be reconquered by eliminating alien base(s)
  • slowed down alien ticker progression to prolong early game


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