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[v21.1] ground combat - CTD when last alien is killed or stunned

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On 9/13/2021 at 10:01 AM, squeezechart said:

I have a CTD as soon as the last alien in the UFO is killed or stunned, so right before mission report



Thanks. We looked into your file and were able to identify the issue, but we need a little more info to fix it (see post linked below).

If you've not played the game much since this crash happened, can you attach the old log files shown in the linked thread? They might have the data we need in them.

If you have then don't worry about it, but if you see the bug again then let us know!



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I have the exact same problem, if that can help, please find attached the log as well as the savegame (crash reproducible 100% of the time)

Last cleaner is in the building, method to kill him right away is to go down to the window from the exterior, shoot him through the window (first shoot with with burst mode, then single snap shot to finish him).


Edit: added the zip of all the logs.





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