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Xenonauts-2 Closed Beta Build V21.1 Hotfix Released! (Experimental Branch)

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This quick hotfix addreses a couple of issues in Beta Build V21. Again, you'll need to be on the Experimental Branch to access the build.

  • The "Recruit Scientists" button is now visible again.
  • The damage bonus gained against Cleaners and Psyons by capturing and interrogating them is now +15% rather than +1500%.
  • Fixed an issue where the game settings could get corrupted and cause keybindings to become random.
  • Fixed an issue where all the tactical combat save games were called "GroundCombatMission" rather than the actual mission type (e.g. "Terror Site")
  • You can now close the New Campaign and Credits panels on the Main Menu screen by pressing Escape.

Please let us know if you encounter any further issues with V21.1 as we will continue to make additional fixes as required.

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I haven´t tested the Hotfix after the reported big Bugs / Failures, which come out with it. Wait for the second or third Hotfix to make a new Test. Belongs on how much more Failures get reported with Version 21.1.

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