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Ground Combat - Will UFOs Land?

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So far the only UFO ground combat missions I have seen are for crashed ships I shot down. We see the tags for abductions and other alien missions pop up on the map as time goes on, are we going to see landed craft ever appear on the map (or do they appear and I have just not seen them)?

Like the alien terror missions, it would make sense to be able to send a drop-ship to try to stop the alien missions from succeeding when we notice their craft landed somewhere. This would also give a prime opportunity to capture alien spacecraft intact with no damage, could even allow for research opportunities that would be unavailable otherwise since delicate components would never survive a crash. Could also give a huge boost to the research into new craft types when you capture a ship intact. The opportunity to study a working ship would be huge.


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I have not had similar missions too. I really liked such missions in the original UFO, I hope there will be such missions here as well.
In addition, the latest updates have already added the destruction of objects during the explosion, which means we are one step closer to the idea of the original UFO (the more destruction in the ship - the less loot). In this case, UFO landings will be very appropriate.

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That UFO ET / UFO 2 ET have already, with the Damage in UFOs, Ground, Buildings etc. on Crash-Sites.

As well as some Surprises more.

I don´t have played the new Version of Xenonauts 2 yet, but from what I read and hear it goes in the right direction.

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