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The state between life and death


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A question for the developers.
When I played Xenonaft 1, I worried about the fate of every soldier. If a soldier is on his feet, then he is ready for battle.
If a soldier falls, it does not mean that he is dead. He may need emergency help.
Is it possible in the second part of the concept of "unconscious"?
The degree of this condition will be determined by the injuries received: the number of strokes before resuscitation, the complexity of resuscitation and further disability?
I would take many seriously wounded guys from the battlefield and send them home on their well-deserved retirement.
I emphasize that I do not support a simple and guaranteed system of stabilizing a soldier in 3 moves, as in Firaxis games. I want a variable chance


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I would recommend playing OpenXCOM for detailed wounds.

Basically when taking damaging soldiers will both bleed which results in HP loss, and having their stun and stamina regen reduced. When stun = HP, they pass out. Excessive stun makes them die. Stamina is used to run. There are various medkits to restore stamina, HP, stun. Or maybe they are better off lying down unconscious while you secure the area or carry them to safety.

There are also part-based wounds which reduce movespeed or accuracy.

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