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[V19.1B - Geoscape] - Crash to Desktop - Transfer between bases

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I have attached the last Auto-save that occurred before I started trying to transfer items to my other base.

In the game, I completed construction on the workshops at a second base and in order to move my Engineering completely over to that base I went in to transfer all the materials from the first base to the second one. I tried transferring the items 4 times:

  • The first time I just went in and tried moving all the items I wanted. The main base was overloaded in storage but I didn't really pay attention to that since I was moving items.
  • The second time I sold a bunch of corpses and live aliens (Why do they take so much room? Stack them like firewood :P ) then I tried moving the items after the base had a lot of extra room.
  • The third time I tried moving about 1/3 of the items and never more than half of a single stack
  • The fourth time I tried moving 1 single piece of Alenium

Game crashed every time all the way back to the desktop. 

This also brought up a secondary issue that is not really a bug as much as a convenience issue, you have to move everything one at a time.... which is fine when there are 10 or less, but is a Huge problem when you have 100+
Maybe make the number to transfer a free-type field to allow for just entering the number you want to send and/or adding a second button for 10 of the item (and maybe third for 100?)

2021-06-17 14_02_33-Xenonauts 2.png



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