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Suggestion for bug reports

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I just went through five pages of pug reports in search of duplicates for what I found. Many of the bugs were already taken care of in one way or another but none of them had any mention of this in their title, you had to open the thread and check the situation.

I thus propose that when the bug report is taken care of, either the title is changed to have, e.g [assigned]|[needs-info]|[solved], or that similar tags are used. This way it would be easier to go through the bug reports and e.g find if any bug report needs more info

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I agree. It will be more convenient for everyone if the moderators will somehow separate the current bugs from the already fixed ones.
I see several solutions:
1) Moderators can rename a topic
2) Create separate categories, and move topics there.
3) Close topics where the problem is solved.

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Yeah, I agree. The big reports could be cleaned up and improved a little bit. The devs can definitely can tag topic to show if they are confirmed or not. It would be more efficient and effective to shift the forums in this direction because the open beta will eventually come and with it many new players, so the forums would probably be pretty overwhelming. It would be nice to better sort it to allow the forums to be easier to navigate. 

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