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Geoscape - Goals for factions - will this be in the scope of mod tools?

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From what I have gathered following the development of Xeno2 I am pretty sure that this is not in the scope of the development of the vanilla game, so instead I am going to ask whether the code is flexible enough and the mod tools will be powerful enough to realize something like this.

Pitch: It is the Cold War, October 1st, 1979. Aliens have conquered the Earth Orbit. Only two countries, namely Soviet Russia and USA, are even aware of their presence, as next to no Earth observatories are sophisticated enough to spot the concealed Alien crafts, and these are in the hands of the two super powers. ESA and China have lost satellites in the process, but are not aware of the cause for now. Even the secret Xenonauts organization, formed by both powers after the Iceland incident in 1958 are not prepared for the sudden invasion.

The Aliens know that they cannot risk an open war with Earth, if they want to assimilate humanity into their Empire, as their present forces are too weak. Instead, they will do everything in their power to covertly destabilize the delicate balance of power the Earthlings currently display. That means silencing whistleblowers and voices calling for an end to the Cold War, performing false flag attacks and pushing war mongers and other puppets to power.

The Xenonauts are the counter insurgency force to the Aliens. Made and funded for this lone reason, their final goal is to prevent the alien invasion and getting them to abandon their attempt at subduing humanity. They try to stop any mission the aliens execute, but also to raise awareness of what is happening in the global community so the aliens are faced by a unified, strong humanity.

USA and Russia both are aware of the threat the aliens pose and, ultimately, want to stop the aliens. At the same time, decades of conflict and mistrust have left their mark. The balance of powers on the planet is disturbed, and each of the super powers want to get the upper hand over each other. If the alien crafts sink some vessels or bomb military stations of the enemy, they will think twice to intervene. If they can get the extraterrestrials to focus on their enemy, they might just remain as the last power standing.

What is more, the rapid technological advances of the coming months are all but guaranteed to catapult more nations into a position of power. Uniting a deeply divided humanity in times of terror and turmoil will not be an easy task for the Xenonauts.


What I would ideally want is to have a system where, in addition to the aliens and the Xenonauts, each country has their own set of goals depending on their awareness of the alien threat, the state of the invasion in their territory and the actions other countries (most notably the big two, but there might emerge more) or the Xenonauts take towards them. They would also have their politicans, form of government, military capability and so on as tools for their goals. Depending on what is happening to a country, they might be independent, allied with a super power or even subverted by the aliens and turned into their willing puppets, and their goals would adapt according to the situation they find themselves in.

Is there a system for the behaviour of Earth's nations that modders could adapt? Do they have agency at all? Could it be possible somehow to integrate such a system?

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What you suggest Dagar, was the originally an similar Plan from the Devs for Xenonauts 2 (look at Kickstarter).

The Devs integarte Modding Tools, to give Xenonauts 2 the Possibility of several Scenarios, like it is done with big Mods in Hoi 4, old X-COM (with Open XCom), Xenonauts 1 (X-Devision) and UFO ET (with the Earth instead of Esperanza, new Technologies, better Research Tree etc.). Later in Development (it will be first after everything is stable and not in rotation anymore, means between End Early Access and Full Release, therfore it makes no sense), all Modders can get active.

But therefore you have yourself to integrate the planes, Weapons, Technologies and so on to make the Mods. If you have the time and dexterty to make that, then that is no Problem.

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