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Anyone interested in a Military green mod?

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I am making a military green uniform mod for my game. I have edited all the Graphics needed, Both Basic and Jackal armor sprites, I also modded the Uniforms for faces and even modded the Hunter and the small tank. I know someone made a similar mod a while back, but there were a couple things wrong with it.

1. He only did the sprites

2. They were made a little too yellow not the 1970;s Olive Drab that was used at the time.

3. Also there is a small issue with the PNG files where there is a black outline around the soldiers. I was able to get around this and clean the original Files, which I will gladly upload for others to make there own Color schemes.

I also added an M60 instead of the M247 since this is 1979 the equipment wasn't used till the 80's.

Anyway If anyone is interested I don't mind posting, it will be a resource mod, so you have to choose what you want. But it will be structured for easy copy.

On the Images for the armor I included OD color for Both the standard Jackal, Starship Troopers, and Sleezys Armor. I also have 2 Basic Armor Images and matching Xenopedia images. I tried to cover everything for people who want a more authentic feel for 1979. I also have the m-26 lemon shaped Grenade and Colt 45. All which were used at the time.



There is a picture to show the color choice I made.

Xenonauts 2021-04-30 01-00-16-45.jpg

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I adjusted the master png files to fix an odd issue where the sprites had a black outline, someone mentioned it on another sprite mod, to get around this I used ImageReady to clean the image and then used the Batch in Adobe to do the color change, as you can see there is no difference in the quality of the original and these, just the color.

I probably could make some Gray Starship trooper basics, since the other mod only did the Jackal units. I could make any color in theory depending on what someone would want?

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