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[V18.2 - Ground Combat] Soldier health lower than expected when finishing ground combat

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When finishing ground combat, an injured soldier's health is lower than expected. I think this may be a long-standing bug that I never got around to investigating because I recall many instances in previous versions of soldiers having less than expected at the end of a mission.

I had a mission I was going to redo because I had so few soldiers left at the end when I remembered that one, Thomas Robert, had 22/56 health remaining but could be healed up to 37/56. Upon ending the mission without healing them, I noticed they only had 16/56, way less than expected. So I reloaded it and healed them before finishing only to get the same result, 16/56. I think that might have been the lowest their health got during that mission.

It seems to me that upon ending a mission all soldiers' health should be raised automatically to whatever they could be healed to with a medkit.

To replicate, load the attached save file, note the health of the 3 remaining soldiers, take any action you like to affect their health, and shoot the last alien.


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