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Ammot to cost money

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Propose extra ammo to cost money each time they are assigned to a soldier

This is to prevent soldiers from being stacked out with extra ammo till their carry capactiy allows and thereby preventing ammo shortage in-battle

We have had a long discussion in X1 if ammo should be produced or not and the prevailing argument was to cut down on micro MGMT as it did nt serve an important gameplay loop and is annoying when player forgets to bring some along to a mission

This proposal is to keep the current concept of instant ammo tht can be equipped instantly (no procurement action, wait time and storage consdieration) BUT also apply a smal fee every time a single magaine is assigned manually (relaod of weapons after missions is free to keep the systme streamlined)

As mentioned above, the idea would be to keep players from filling up all the available pockets with extra ammo every time - it could still be done but since it would have some palpable cost attached to it most players would start consdiering if an extra magazine is really needed

Lore wise the explanation could be: this is not procurement price but price of logistics and admin for extra issue magazines. In case of advanced weapon ammo it can be argued as a procuerement/production price as well the process just being hidden from the player/commander)

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If a player forgets to bring ammo and does not savescum, be sure he will not forget next time.

Also there can be loadout types that can be automatically applied on soldiers on ground missions.


But alas, that is the new game philosophy of nowadays games: no responsibility, less punishment.


What made the original X-COM games good was the fact that it was foremost a simulation, where the ammo you used to the last bullet was an entity on its own with a history or a cost.

Like in Eve Online where every bullet has a price and it was manufactured by someone.




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