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Soldiers Uniforms

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Has anyone seen these uniforms already in the curretn state of the game?:

ss_d6648352fd4002f9fe34e2371254242bbb5be44e.jpg (1920×1080) (steamstatic.com)

The unit models imply a bulletproof west but the profile picture does not show any torso protection

I would love to see these wests in action as they fit a commando force like this perfectly in the early game

The other uniform seen here looks like some kind of hazard suite and looks awesome. I would imgaine this would be something that protects against smoke and chemical effects more then against slugs and bullets + the tank on their back is just a very cool detail. Maybe its a flamethrower tank and the suite protects against fire and smoke effects?

Hope these will make it into the game and are not just concepts


The base blue jumpsuit is also looking way better then in X1 but if I can make a recommendation: put a backpack on their back :) (visible always unless power armor or there is another item already on their back such as the above tank)

This way it makes sense they are carrying so many stuff AND would make them look like actual soldiers did/do carrying their stuff around

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Late game armors would probably not need it as I imagine tehy would be all a sort of power-armor where the lore can say they can jsut hoist the equipment on the armor itself

The backpack would only be used if its not a power armor (so late game) and if nothing is on the back already - so for base jumpsuit or if onyl some west or light plate armor is used

It would be purely a visual gimmick of course bu would go a long way of giving the troops mass and presence on the map (plus they all have the backpack icon on them but no actual pack :))

I thought about this as I saw the hoister on the back of the soldiers on the Steam page image - never knew what I was missing from them as they have normal human proportions (unlike XCOM) but that jumped my memory of soldiers carrying backpack

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