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Prediction Local Time at Intercept

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Hello everyone!

I was trying to figure out how to make a prediction of the local time when the aircraft arrives at the target. Basically I'm trying to mod this, in order to determine if the ground mission will be in night time if I launch it now. 


Ideally I would add an entry in the aircraft selection menu which shouldn't be an issue itself. The issue arises when I want to find out the variables like ETA and Local Time. My first question is, where are those variables defined? Like where can I add a new variable and where can I look how i.e. "ETA" is calculated for the InterceptDialog?  As I understand, local time does not exist and day / night cycle is determined with the opacity on the map? Would this mean that I would need to know the speed and position of the opacity moving in the geoscape at which it would trigger a night time mission? If so where can I find those?


It's my first time I try to mod something in Xenonauts, so please be patient and thank you in advance for your help :D

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