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[V.18.1] MARS Vehicle

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After the Base-Defense Mission was done, the MARS Vehicle was destroyed. It isn´t repairable anymore. Done MARS-Refit and it´s still shown as KIA. Then tried again without an Refit and to chance it for an other Comrade, but it´s still there as KIA.

It had an Rangefinder and an Rocket Turret in the Base Defense Mission. The Problem is now, that the Skyhawk can´t do Missions anymore. Broke up Testing, because with this you can´t test anymore, either doing Missions on the Geoscape (Terror, UFO-Crashsites and Alien-Raid-Sides).

But the Base-Defense Missions works therefore quite good.

The first Save is quite in the Base-Defenes Mission, the second too about the End of the Base-Defense and the last one on the Geoscape with the MARS-Bug.









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Thanks. Yeah, I can reproduce this from those saves. We'll take a look and see if we can fix it for the hotfix!

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