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Question about armor

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Given that soldiers can now take damage not only to the chest but also to the arms, legs and head. The vest cannot provide regeneration there.

Therefore, the improvement for regeneration is better to mount in the armor that will cover the entire body of the soldier.

I just remembered how interesting it was to treat a soldier in the original UFO 

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We will see what the Devs will do in the next Betas with the remaining Budget before we have to go in Early Access to get an another Buget-Boost for the remaining Base-Game-Development.

Beta 18 is not far away and should come next week. Then we get more input from Outsiders (not only us original Founders and Closed-Beta-Testers), because it will be if I have read that correctly the first Open-Beta for Everyone who is interessted.

What the Armor-Refit belongs we have to wait and see. Not everything there is fully done and the Devs still working on it. They have now Suggestions and Ideas from us and they decide what comes in and what not.

Like said the Main-Refit is the Fighter-Armor to give Protection Points from the Armor (light / heavy) around the Fighter instead of additional HP´s like it´s done with the MARS- / ARES-Vehicels. In that case the 360°-Damage-Protection for the Soldier-Armor can flow in too. But we have to remember following:

- The Armor of the Fighters and MARS- / ARES-Vehicels have a 360° Protection before getting HP-Damage.

- The Cevlar / Upgraded Cevlar-Armor with Helmet as well as all Vests from the Soldiers protect only the Front and Back Torso as well as the Head. Arms, Legs and Face are unprotected or only with the Standard-Suit which both don´t give Protection.

- Maybe we get Suit-Upgrades too with Spider-Fibers, Cevlar-Fibers and whatever to give the beginning Suits, Armors and Vests more Features too.

Like I said, we have given our Suggestions and Feedbacks, now have to wait and see what the Devs are doing with it.

The Remaining belongs on the collected and reserve Budget we have left. Then the Feedbacks from the Open-Beta decides what happen, which is not only discussed here. The Outsiders (Players which aren´t Founders and Closed-Beta-Testers) will give Info in Steam instead, that´s for sure. Means we don´t have to discuss about unimportantent Armor-, Vest-Things now, because there are more important Job-Sites in Geoscape etc. left.

Therefore the Open-Beta decides about the getting Budget in the Early Access-Phase and more Refits / Reworks for that then.

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