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Upkeep and Financing

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Is it possible to somehow increase funding (other than building offices). You need to add an increase and decrease in funding depending on the success of the player, as it was in the old UFO. 

It is also desirable to slightly reduce the upkeep of access lift. Building a new base is already expensive. And here is an additional 250k upkeep for each. I think 150k will be enough.


Finance 2.jpg

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You generate Money with the following things:

1. With the monthly Incomes from your financincing States at the beginning

2. Build up Outposts to raise the Scientist- and Engineer-Personal as well as for increasing the Income of your Founding states (the green Uplink stations)

3. Let your Founders doing Ground Missions from downed UFOs to generate Money, because that is the second Main Income [you get more then enough Ground Missions, Special Missions etc. for your Soldiers]

4. Later sell Things from your Storage if Nesseccary and you don´t need for Upgrades, more R & D and so on (this is the Secondary Income and the third we have)

5. Build no more than 2 medium or if nessecarry big Bases (Main-Base and Secondary-Base with Personal, R & D, etc.) which are the 2 with the most Costs; more of that are not necessary

6. Build 4 small Bases with the maximum reduction of Costs (max. 4 Hangars, 1 Radar, 1 Uplink-Upgrade and Energy Generator) [the Main thing in the Game is to have minimal Costs as possible like in the orignal X-Com as well as similar Games like UFO ET, the Fanproject UFO: AI etc.]

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I just want no UFO to be able to fly without getting on my radar. That's why I built so many bases.


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