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[V.15.1] Beta CTD with Alien Mind Control

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Hi Guys, I got an Oberserver UFO downed. Now all Aliens get killed or Stunned [Psyons] and 1 of my Soldiers get mind Controlled. He is in the UFO [see Picture] and is in the Stun Gas to get stunned.

The Transporter-Beams for to the next Room [Roof] are blocked, but there is no Alien to see. After I End the Round an CTD will happen or the Alien Round get Freezing. One of that will happen. Only if he is resting / blocking the Mind Control in the next Round, the Game runs normal.






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There's several weird things going on with that save, from the UFO hull not re-hiding when you load the game to the teleporters not working to the crash that occurs on Mind Control. We'll take a look at them tomorrow, thanks.

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