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Xenonauts-2 Closed Beta Build V14.2 Hotfix Released! (Experimental Branch)

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This is another hotfix for Beta Build V14 from last week on the Experimental Branch. This update fixes a number of crashes that were breaking the gameplay and should allow people to play further into the game.


  • Fixed a crash when upgrading the weapons on your aircraft in some circumstances.
  • Fixed a crash where AI units with jetpacks (e.g. Gun Drones) can end up under the world and get stuck.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when destroying objects with explosives after loading a save game.
  • Fixed a crash where shooting several aliens with a HEVY launcher could cause a crash.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to access the Soldier Equip screen on a secondary base that has no soldiers.
  • Fixed an issue where the AI could get stuck in a loop when moving through a teleporter.
  • Fixed an issue where MARS / ARES vehicles would be built without any armour after the player had run the armour upgrade workshop project (which would cause a crash if you tried to take it into battle).
  • Icelandic outpost mission can no longer be a night mission.
  • The Reaper cocoons in the Icelandic Outpost missions are no longer invisible.
  • Fixed a technical issue that was preventing the dev team from being able to open save games provided by the community if the game contained a soldier with a Kickstarter backer custom portrait.

Please let us know if you encounter any further issues with V14!

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