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Xenonauts-2 Closed Beta Build V14.1 Hotfix Released! (Experimental Branch)

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This is a quick hotfix for Beta Build V14 that we released earlier this week, fixing a few of the most obvious bugs. You'll need to be on the Experimental Branch to access the build.


  • Fixed a crash when you clicked on an aircraft in a Hangar on the Base management screen.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when a MARS with a non-weapon secondary would attempt to reaction fire with it.
  • Fixed a crash when you tried to initiate air combat with an Abductor UFO.
  • Soldiers now display a HP bar above their head on the Soldier Equip screen if they are injured.
  • Wounded soldiers no longer have their item loadout cleared once they return to base and begin healing.
  • Made the boundaries of the air combat map a little more obvious.
  • Soldier night vision on night missions no longer reveals the shroud beyond the  visually fades out in the same way that other light sources do.
  • The Warden armour has been recoloured a light grey to make it stand out more, and it now has a 3d model (which is a recoloured version of the combat armour model) instead of displaying a pink error texture.
  • The bomb on Alien Raid missions and the shadows of the MARS vehicles no longer display as pink error textures.
  • Fixed the Boreal Raid map sometimes turning up as a UFO crashsite map.
  • Ballistic LMG no longer shows the Ballistic Rifle preview tile below the soldier portraits.
  • Bomber UFOs no longer spawn useless empty Wreckage sites when they are shot down.

Balance Changes:

  • Light missiles travel faster in the air combat, making them more effective.
  • Basic Tactical armour now grants no protection, Kevlar gives 20HP of armour and the Warden gives 35HP of armour.
  • Alien magnetic weapons are now single shot instead of burst fire weapons, but each shot does more damage.
  • Shotguns now fire 3 pellets instead of 4.

Please let us know if you encounter any further issues with V14 as we will continue to release additional patches as required (although it won't be too long until V15 arrives).

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Chris, thanks for the first Hotfix so fast, that we can test it for the rest of the Weekend and hope that the second Hotfix comes next Week, so that we can test the main Features which come in in Version 14.

And if I read correctly then Version 15 will come in Mid / End November (until 20th or a little earlyer were great) which would be a great and :cool: Birthday Present with the other cool stuff come in the Game.

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The next Patch which will come today sounds very good, because I´m at the same stage like the other Beta-Testers now with the Scatter-Laser CTD´s and announced similar Problems in the Bug Threat. Haven´t had the Base Defense Mission, because the UFO was shoot down, but when a Cruiser comes, then I know what to do and waiting for.

Everything else I could test was working well more or less (Alien Bases, Crashsites, Terror-Missions, Use of Agents, Use of Soldiergear and such things). The only thing is that some Eras of the Groundmaps have still Problems (like in the Bug Threat announced). Sometimes Saves get brocken but the other Saves workes (all incl. the 1 or 2 before the broken one).

Waiting for the next Patch and more with Heartbeating for Beta 15 (which hopefully comes in 2,5 Weeks as a :cool: Birthday Present). I too know now what I have done wrong in Playing the last campain, because a reduction of your Founders is the Main thing to prevent, because Money is essential for survyving.

2 nice Surprisses for my Founders I have done too, with 2 advanced Research Projects. All Basic Researches are done, where 2 or 3 need more Infotext and the Gun Drone Autopsy have still the wrong text from Andron. That´s all I have found so far.

Oh and one more thing: If you get an Alien Base, the internals and Plates are of interessting too, there could be a team sended to dissassemble it.


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