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[V.13.2 Ground Combat] Game Crashes to Desktop

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See attached Save/Log files.  In the middle of combat at the container depot (or whatever it is), during the phase (I think) when all the civilians are being massacred (hence the name: "Friendly" phase), the music stopped for a few seconds followed by the game disappearing (closing) and I was back at my desktop.  

If anyone knows, let me know if I should bother to try to continue from where I was, or redo the whole battle.




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Yep, such Bugs are known in full Beta 13 incl. the 2 Hotfixes. It belongs on the old Map Design and the new implementations come in. There are to many Problems which couldn´t solved and that´s the Reason the Beta isn´t stable, esp. the Ground Maps, not upgradeable fighters etc.   

That´s the Reason after the Bugs, Problems etc. send to the Devs we other Beta-Testers wait for the new Beta 14. Most of (about 80 to 85 %) us couldn´t testplay until Month 2 about that Bugs and Problems.

The Best thing you can do is waiting for Beta 14 comes out where you get a very very very big refit / rework in Ground Maps, Base Maps and much more.

But you are not alone. I had this in previous Betas (2 if I remember my correctly) too. Either in the Game or it´s getting CTD while Loading the first Geoscape-Screen.

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