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Comte Pseudonyme

[V13.2] Seemingly infinite 98% night mission crashsite loading time

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The problem :
For a night mission, the game simply stoped loading the crashsite at 98%. Windows do not complain that the program do not respond. There is still CPU usage, but barely any drive usage. The game stay like this for several minutes. I did not count exactly, but at least 10 minutes in this passive state before I just alt F4.

Prior events that might be relevant (?) :
My game was barely going. Barely made some buildings and an antena, deployed an agent, changed the loadout of my unit to my liking. The fight that resulted in the crash site was not an auto fight and I managed it poorly. Outside of that, I don't realy know what to tell. I did not had any programs in the background before the "bug" occured (I started some programs and began filling this report after several minutes).





Edit : damn, that shortcut got me again ! I posted earlier than intended. ^^'
After Alt F4 and a "continue", the game loaded just fine.

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Hi, thanks for the post. 

Regarding: "After Alt F4 and a 'continue'," at what point did you press Alt F4, and what does it do? 

I'm getting back to this game [13.2] after a while away, and I had the game twice hang ("stopped responding"--Task Manager, Win10): once at 98% while loading after clicking on "continue;" once at the end of a combat segment at 4%.  In both cases, I could only close the game and game window after clicking on "end process" in Task Manager.  Hasn't happened since, though.

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I've also had issues like this crop up a few times at random, both loading save games and loading missions. Usually it hangs near the end of loading, but sometimes it hangs within the first 20%. I have not found a way to reliably reproduce it. I usually kill the process from Steam with the STOP button. No trouble killing the game that way yet.

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Yeah, that´s the big Problems etc. of that Beta-Version. Implemented and Changed Features on old Maps, which get Modernised in Beta 14 and 15.

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