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Any plans to make X2 available for purchase again?

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Hi, so I know that y'all closed purchases because you'd be launching into early access in the "next few months". But it's been more than a few since then and I think we're still more than a few away from EA at the moment?

I don't really mind because we all know game dev is a finnicky thing. Plus COVID is a pain. I just wish I could purchase the beta so I can help test the game. Would it be possible for me to give you my money?!

Anyway, keep up the good work.

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Sorry for the late Answer.

Not for the internal Beta-Test, which are availible only for Backers. That´s defenitely sure.

An Early Access for the Public it could be possible again, which will start (who it looks now from what we have found in the Betatest and other big Reworks) first in 2021. Looks like its more work then the Devs and her Helpers thought. We are waiting for the Beta 14 too.

We Backers can´t look in the Future and know what elements are in or not in the Game when the next Beta and / or monthly DevDeray comes out. Only the Goldhawk-Team is deciding whats come next and from what we know it´s deciced to make an Early Access after the Game is playable and Stable enough, which it isn´t yet after first bigger refits.

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