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Suggestion - Squad review before ground mission

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I think it would be a good idea if whenever a transport is deployed to a mission there is a opportunity to review the squad before it is despatched, either automatically or with a pop up (similar to what happens in the new XCOM games). Ideally this would enable a player to quickly check the squad that has been selected and adjust the soldiers selected, their loadouts, position in the dropship etc.


I think this would be very helpful in making sure that a mission is not launched with an incomplete or wrongly equipped squad epically in ironman games where the player can simply reload a saved game if they discover they have sent someone on a mission without the latest weapons available( or any weapons) by mistake.

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Yep you are right. In the old X-COM Games you could look after landing, in the new XCOM-Games before Mission Start. Maybe Goldhawk implement that, if not it will be like in Xenonaut 1 where you have to look before the Transport start manually.

I like the System from Xenonauts / Xenonauts 2 too, because you have to use your Brain before a Mission starts. You have so much time to refit your Soldiers before Missions and in Peacetimes. If you forgett it (like myself in 1 Mission since Betatests) the Player have the Problem, because she / he didn´t use the Brain.

That in my eyes is the most important Thing a Strategy-Game have (the Player herself / himself). And therefore I don´t play Ironaman or such, because you have only 1 Savegame and if it break down you have to beginn completely new.

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