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[X:CE 0.35.1] In any resolution over 1920x can't pick bottom selections in workshop screen.

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Hey there.

Mods - X-division .11b

Normal playing resolution- 4096x2160

As you can see in the Picture once I get enough things to work on in the workshop the last two are on the same line as Manage Construction.
Even though I click over to the left side on the name of the protect it still selects Manage construction.
There is, however, plenty of room to move manage construction down. I'm hoping that can be adjusted and if someone can tell me where. 

Thank you!



workshop issue.jpg

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Picture issue

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If you're feeling brave, you can try editing the UI screen, it's assets/scripts/workshopview.lua. But the game is pretty borked if you try to play in 4K...

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