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Xenonauts-2 Closed Beta Build V13.2 Hotfix Released! (Experimental Branch)

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This is the second hotfix for Beta Build V13, fixing a several more important bugs. You'll need to be on the Experimental Branch to access the build.


  • Fixed a crash bug where if you saved and then loaded a ground combat mission the game would crash at the end of the mission.
  • Fixed a crash bug where certain desert maps would crash at the end of the mission.
  • Fixed a bug where the upgrade projects were not working for aircraft or for the MARS.
  • Fixed a bug where the MARS rocket weapon fire costs were absolute values, not relative values. This meant if you equipped the heavy armour the weapon was too expensive to fire.
  • Equipping heavy armour on an aircraft increases the max HP of the aircraft, but you now need to repair up to that new max HP. This means it is no longer possible to heal aircraft by swapping between normal and heavy armour and back again.
  • Sell price of the MARS is now $50k instead of $10k.

Please let us know if you encounter any further issues with V13, as we will make further hotfix branches if necessary.

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On 6/24/2020 at 4:26 PM, Chris said:
  • Sell price of the MARS is now $50k instead of $10k.


The AMES was the problem; it was also selling for $10k but costs $200k to make.  Should sell for MORE than $200k if new (otherwise why would you sell it??)

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Thanks for the 2 Patches / Hotfixes Chris. Now the Game is play- and testable.

Have already downed 5 UFOs (3 Probes and 2 Scouts) and could do then normal Ground-Missions. No CTD, yeah!!!! You were right, it´s something in the Mapcode which you had opend to Mod them later.

The Orbital Bombardement works very good (Berlin and Mexico City are gone with +20 Panic each for the Landscape Europe and South America).

The Refill with Agentes works correctly too (have 2 Agents now).

Armors (atm Cevalar Vest) works correctly against the Magnetic Alien Weapons. Now I get testing the modified Standard-Weapons in an Harbor-Terror-Mission against Sebilians.

But 2 Things I have noticed, maybe the others have this too:

- The Reload in the Harbor-Terror-Mission causes a CTD. Maybe it was a fault from myself, will test it today evening again (was today morning in Europe at the End of first Gameplay-Month).

- I have 2 Soldiers with a Rifle and a Stun-Batton. The Male Soldier can use both. The Female Soldier on the other Hand can´t use her Rifle anymore.

Edited by Alienkiller

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I wanna show the positive things and not so positive things here after a full Weekend Testing.

Good things / Working things:

1. Steel Plating / Heavy Steel Plating: the Picture Failure after changing is fixed and working correctly again!

2. Steel Plating / Heavy Steel Plating: they have a change in HP´s (Steel 200 / Heavy Steel 300) again!

Announcement to the Fighter HP´s: The MARS / ARES-Vehicles as well as Soldiers have her normal HP´s. The Armor-HP´s get seperate there. That would make Sense too for the Fighters. I would suggest the Fighters have 150 or 200 HP Standard. The normal Steel Plating gives 50 more HP and the Heavy Steel Plating 100 HP´s more.

3. UFO Recovery Missions can be ended normal again! Chris you were right, it must have to do with the conversions for everything to be implemented and / or changed.

4. New Armor Concept works well with the Equipment Screen and in Missions (the Backpack-Information-Screen)

5. The 8 Man / 7 Man + 1 seperate MARS / ARES-Vehicle Transporter (Sykhawk) works as well great!

6. The Agent works correctly as he / she should incl. the recruitment of them.

7. Alenium Rocket Turret is unlimited sellable what givs you an extra income of Money when you need it!

Announcment: I would limit this to 100 or 200 per Month or so, what makes sense for the Player not to have to much money like in X1!

That was the positive I could find out in my Testgame until Mid April, them I got Problems with the Harvester UFO and lost to many of my Satellite-Stations, why I broke up Testing until a fixed Version comes out. The Reasons get named in the Bug-Part from some Players.

Not so good / working things:

1. Alloy Armor Plating (see Bug Forum): After Researching and Producing you don´t get the Alloy Platings for the MARS / ARES-Vehicle as well as the Alloy Platings and Heavy Alloy Platings for the Fighter-Crafts!

2. Alloy Armor Plating / Heavy Alloy Armor Plating: They aren´t sellalbe anymore! If they are sellable again I suggest they are limited like the Alenium Rocket Turret per Month!

3. Alenium Warheads: The Research Text is only a Bullet Point / Headword Text for Alien Alloys.

4. Alien Alloy Fabrication: The Research Text is here like by the Alenium Warheads only a Bullet Point / Headword Text for Alien Alloys.

5. Autopsy: Gun Drone: The Research Text ist still the Text from the Andron!

6. Scatter-Laser (see Bug Forum): The Scatter Laser can´t get build in the X-24 Interceptor about a CTD after Workshop-Finish!

7. The Warden-Vest must have more Penetration then the Cevlar-Vest (still have only 20 Armor-Points but should have better Defence +5 Minimum or +10 Maximum for a 5% lighter weight of Standard-Cevlar-Vest), because the Armor Points for MARS / ARES and the Fighters get higher with the Alloy Plating about 50% too.

8. Alien Base Raids (see Bug Forum): Everything is announced there. Sadly you got only Stunned / Dead Aliens and Weapons.

9. The Harveser UFO which attacking your special Satellite-Stations can´t get fight with the Scatter-Laser and Alloy Armor-Plating Bug, which is one Reason to break up the Test at Month April.

10. The Advanced Scout UFO (Harvester or so) with the big circle around it can´t be fought manually. Only with Automatic Fight you get it down.

11. The new Soldier-Implementation, Advanced Lasers and the Wolf Armor I couldn´t test, because of the announced Problems esp. with the Harvester UFO which comes in April.

Conclusion to the End: All in all a good Version with the new Implementations (Terror-Satellite / Space-Station from the Aliens, working Agents with Refill, Attack on the Special-Satellite-Stations and some more things which are implemented in so far). If the implemented not so good working things get fixed (Alloy Plating, Scatter Laser, Alien Base Raids) as well as the Manually Fight against the the announced and other special UFO´s of that Art in an other Hotfix or Beta 14 we can test again, but atm it dosen´t make sense to test more esp. at April of the Gameplay.

Edited by Alienkiller

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