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Interesting Documentation about real Extraterestials

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I´m watching a amazing Dokumentation about UFO-Sightings Worldwide. It´s very Interesting, because it´s realy amazing.

The Extrateristials have watched us very very long. They have visited us in 2nd WW too. Unbelivable, but it´s real. Have you heard from the Air-Battle from Los Angeles?! It was a visit from Extraterestials over LA and all Searchlights lightet them while every AAA fired on them, because the Americans thought they were War-Enemys (Japan). That was a Scenario the Japanase had planed, but after the Battle from Midway, it wasn´t possible anymore.

The Aliens only visitet us at this time. And after they saw what we are doing the visitet us first after the End of WW2 again (Rossvel). Alone the US-Airforce had about over 12.000 sightings in the 1950 to mid 1960´s. 

The other interest fact is that all Cosmonauts and Astronauts which did the first Steps to Space and the Moon have visits from them. The first one was Yuri Gagarin. And on the Moon-Race many Apollo-Astronauts. One get asked while he has rounded the Moon from his 2 Colleges on the Moon: "Are you lonlely without us?". The Answer: "No, I´m not alone here".

And not only the Airforce had such Visits, normal Passenger-Jets too and so on. Maybe the Aliens lost interest on us, because the Visits get lesser and lesser. Newest Informations / Material-Researches the last years are showing that we have unknown Construction Materials on Earth storaged. Maybe we get realy kidded from the Officials in that Point. But the official Material the normal Humankind have are in my Eys only 50 or max. 60%. The Main 40% or 50% are under Top Secret Storage.  

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The officials say no, we don´t have visitors from other Planets. But there must be some dead Extraterestials, esp. after the Roswell-Happening, but like I said about the Informations from the Dokumentiation we have only that Informations which are past to the Public from Astronauts, Cosmomauts, Fighter-Pilots, Passenger-Jet-Pilots etc. as well as leaked and for truth-finders about the Extraterestials accessible Documents.

And some of that get from official Site demented (like the NASA, US Air Force and such Organisations). So we can´t check that out, but very rare People were at the 95%-Near to check that. President Clinton tried it, but the President himself get lesser Information then that People which were on the 95%-Marker.

And with the official Dementy from all that Organisations we can be 1.000% sure, that we aren´t alone in Space. Secret-Researches, secret Meetings about the Extrateresstials and so on came out about 2012. And 1 Company researches unknown Material, which can´t come from Earth or the Moon. If that isn´t enough that we aren´t alone, what else? Maybe they are friendly and looking how good we evolve us after we shoot them in WW2 unintended to a time to make conatct.

But besides, I like the UFO and other similar Computer-Games where you have to fight evil Extraterestials (the Original X-Com Series, UFO Extraterestial-Series) or Extratestials which don´t know what they are doing to other Lifeforms / doing to the Eco-System (like Xenonauts, Xenonauts 2, new XCOM-Series, Phoenix Point). The storylines are always cool and is making appetite for more.


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