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Weapon Asymetry

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3 hours ago, Alienkiller said:

Yep they base on explosives in the internal of the Weapon, not the external which would wound the Soldier himself / herself. A Gun / Rifle etc. is constructed to hurt the enemy or the Practice target, not his user. The same you have with a Grenade. It will explode about 7 Seconds after throwing and 20 Meters evtl. more from his user away.

If it would be otherwise, all Americans, Russians or English People were dead. Means they would destroy the User. So no Weapon will be given to Human Soldiers which isn´t save enough. Means in X2: Laser Weapons which explode in your Hands and kill your Experienced Soldier nobody will have.

That´s what I mean: If someone have a brain he / she is using it first and construct something which works correctly.

So don't let your gun run so hot that your magazines start cooking off. Pretty simple solution. We see this IRL with machine guns. That the consequences of this are greater is only an issue if you consider that risk, which can be mitigated against by training, is greater than the benefits, which if they are being used is presumably not the case.

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