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[V11.3 Ground Combat] Alien base CTD

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Description: A specific set of actions causes a 100% reproducable crash to desktop (CTD). It seems to be a null reference exception, at least from the little I could read in the red text error log that pops up briefly.

What happened: I was playing an alien base mission, used two MARS to fire at some aliens, then I moved one of them back and the game crashed. The MARS uses an accelerated machine gun firing at two different sebillians, one chonky boy and one not as chonky.

Exact reproduction steps: Load the save, select Henrik Holm and open the door. Select MARS-4 and fire at the chonky boy sebillian who's closest to it. Select MARS-5 and fire at the other closest not so chonky sebillian. Select MARS-4 again and move it back one step (there's only one spot to go that isn't towards the aliens). After that final move, the game should crash :). I have tested more now, and I can reproduce it by firing with one of the MARS, then move anyone and it generates a crash.

Mods: No mods were used.

Note: For some reason, even though I reproduced the bug 3 times it seems I don't get new output log files. But seeing as the bug is very reproducable (it seems) it's hopefully not going to be an issue.

Attached the log that I have from ~45 minutes ago and the save. Hopefully it's the correct save, it's just called user-9.

Edit: It appears that moving any soldier or MARS, even on previous saves that I went through before causes the same crash.



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I have now discovered that loading a save while in alien base combat will result in this situation happening. Getting closer!

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Thanks. We've been able to find and fix this as a result of your post; it'll be corrected in V12.

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