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There was a 3GB patch today, Friday Feb 28th. What was it?

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We will see. ;) I´m enyoing every new Version of the Game, but one thing I miss very very hard. The cool ATLAS-Base with the cool 3D look from the Side. I hope that the Base-Build-System form the Predecessor which get brought in instead is only a makeshift.

If the Beta-Testers don´t find anything the Devs made their job correctly and fixed everything we have found so far. Esp. the MARS-Vehicle which could still breach the UFO walls and some other things which aren´t working correctly, even though they should fixed already. :confused:



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Hmm, sounds like I need to get in touch with GOG. The game isn't going to be released on the 14th, no.

The problem is that GOG don't have support for a TBC date like Steam do, so they keep asking me to provide random dates in the future (and then we periodically reach those dates and people get all excited).

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