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[V11.2 Alien Base Invasion] crash to desktop

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On 2/23/2020 at 9:33 PM, maxm222 said:

Was in the middle of the human turn--I think.  The game disappeared and I was back on the desktop.  See files.



The crash logs are saying you were trying to shoot something with an Accelerated SMG, and the ammo was invalid - so presumably you've somehow ended up with the wrong clip in the gun. If the weapon was working fine beforehand then this might be the result of a bug we've fixed in the latest hotfix where the old ammo for a weapon would be left behind if you dragged a weapon out of the Primary Slot rather than using right-click unequip. The next weapon then ends up with the wrong ammo loaded and crashes the game when you try to fire it.

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Ah, well, I had two Mars vehicles using laser SMGs--using the ammo and weapons available in the armory--and I almost always use right click for equip and unequip.  I'll go back before the base battle and make a point to avoid any dragging in equiping the Mars platforms.  Thanks for the info.!

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