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As for size, I'd suggest the optimal size range is between 180 and 256 gb.

A lot of people use smaller sizes today, such as 64 or 128 gb. In my opinion for a standard usage pattern those sizes are too small.

I have a 120gb Patriot wildfire and usually only put games I am currently playing and any important applications on it. I use to have a 60gb but wanted to have some games on hand so ditched that. I can't really see myself buying a 256gb until they come down in price more, I could have gotten a lower quality 256gb instead of a premium 120gb but I rather have a reliable drive. With that said, try to avoid OCZ :P

Picking up a 670 this Friday too, wonder what FPS gains I can see in Xenonaughts :P

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Which one are you going for? I can recommend Asus' DirectCU II TOP. Killer Cooling and nice and quiet. At least my 680 is, and it's not the TOP version. :)

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