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[V.11 - Ground Combat] CTD after first alien turn on Raid

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I was playing the first raid mission of my campaign, I ended my turn, the aliens played their turn, then the game crashed to desktop when their turn ended. 


Elaborating. I successfully moved my troops on my first turn, I fired at and killed one Wraith (I assume they are still called Wraiths in X2), I had one of my Snipers, using the improved/upgraded ballistic sniper fire on a second Wraith I had vision on, wounding but not killing it. I ended my turn with two Wraiths in view of my troops, but too far for my riflemen to engage. 

When I ended my turn, the aliens successfully played their turn. One Andron walked into my line of fire from off screen but took no action, one of the Wraiths dissapeared and the second one charged my closest soldier but did not fire. 

Seemingly, when the aliens turn ended the normal background music stopped playing for a second, then the game instantly CTD. 

(Edit: I should note that the absolute last action the game did before it CTD was the closest Wraith charging towards my troops but stopping adjacent to a cargo container, he stopped at the edge of it, then the game would freeze and CTD)

I replayed my savestate, which was saved at the end of my first turn, but moved my soldiers around a bit, the result was the same in that the game CTD, the Wraith executed the same move it did in the last save as the final action of the Aliens turn.


Included below is the latest output log and ground combat save file.

I've had no other performance issues or bugs in the ground combat portion of the game, the only other issues I've had is slowdown when UFO's appear on the Geoscape.



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Thanks. Looks to me like the Wraith has the wrong ammo in its weapon so the game is hanging when it tries to attack, but I'll speak to the coders about it tomorrow.

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