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Elements of Apocalypse


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I would really love to see some elements of X-Com Apocalypse in *some game* out there. Xenonauts 2 seems like a good target. Specifically, I'm referring to a deep strategic simulation. For example:

  • Aside from having multiple countries to satisfy, different companies could be located around the world, and so could different factions, which could have relationships with each other.
  • The companies could be ones from which you buy your gear at affordable levels, and if their factories get destroyed, prices would go up.
  • If you piss off certain companies, they won't sell to you at all.
  • The companies could also be taken over by aliens.

Basically, take what Apocalypse did with one city, and apply it to the globe to make a more interesting simulation.

Since it seems like a lot of effort is going into just making the tactical combat good, it might even be worthwhile to make this into a DLC. But somebody needs to do this, and Phoenix Point doesn't quite cut it IMO.

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I think adding companies would ruin part of the atmosphere of Xenonauts. You have to remember that this is a much more legitimate, much less back door program, unlike XCOM. We cant even sell things for a profit and we get all of our funding from countries, not companies or private individuals. Having to manage individual companies would really take the scale of the game down a peg from a global organization to more of a national organization. For example, if Lockheed Martin got infiltrated by aliens, that's the US government's job to deal with them, not the Xenonauts.

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