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A few ground combat based ideas!

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Hi! First off I don't know if this has been brought up before, there are 400+ threads in the feature suggestion section, I am not willing, nor do I have the time, to check.

So my idea is something along the lines of a flare or throwable light or maybe even a throwable motion detector. The idea behind this is that no one likes it when your best man goes through a door or into a new area and BAM he is dead. With this useable item you could basically check an area for threats before exposing yourself to them.

Any comments or ideas? Please share your critizism.


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Flares are already implemented and are added to your inventory automatically when you start a night mission.

As Max says the motion detector may make it in as well but no final decision has been made on that.

Things like the combat shield and heavier breaching armour suits should lead to less risk if you use them properly (and once they are added into the game).

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What would?

The breaching armour would be tougher but probably a lot heavier with reduced visual range/arc so wouldn't be much use for other aspects of combat.

The combat shield is likewise heavy and cumbersome and will likely not fit in your pack so your only options are to carry it in one hand with a pistol (or other one hand item) or abandon it on the floor to use a bigger weapon.

Having a couple of people along using the specialist breaching gear may make the breach slightly less risky but they would be less able in other parts of the mission.

As long as they don't take all of the risk away they give you a choice on what gear you take.

Think of breaching gear as bomb disposal gear, great at its job but you wouldn't want your whole team wearing it.

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There is one thing i am missing in xenonauts. In the original UFO you had two buttons "next soldier, this soldier is not finished for this round" and "next soldier, this soldier finished for this round" (see picture)


Why don't you use this buttons in xenonauts too ? I used this buttons all the time in the original UFO. Or did i just not see this buttons in xenonauts ?

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There are no such button in Xenonauts.

I think there is a reasoning that since you got all those soldier bars above the UI panel you don't really need it to the same extent. You can just look at the bars and see which soldier still has AP to spend. But I'm not sure.

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May I add a suggestion of my own rather than adding a new thread (don't want to clutter the board more than neccessary)?

I left my Hunter in "fire mode" when I hit End Turn, and when the next turn started it was still in "fire mode", and when I tried to select a friendly soldier... one machine gun volley fired at close range, one Xenonaut dead. Could you make it so that if you leave a unit in "fire mode", it'll be back in "movement mode" when you start your new turn?

Maybe there could be a safety feature of sorts too for when aiming at friendlies? Such as having to click twice instead of once?

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