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Coffee Potato

Simple Flavor Ideas

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I've seen a lot of flavor ideas mixed in the middle of longer posts, and wanted to start one for just those kinds of things. 

Aka mechanics that wouldn't need any extra animations or total overhauls, but would add some neat variety. 

Not everything is viable, but let's just make a list without discussing the problems.

Some personal ones:

1. Secondary skills. A noted second skill for most units that might give them a small bonus when used right. Could be used for small perks or FTL-Style random events answers. 

2- Patrols and Supplies. Discussed earlier, but it would be cool if you could assign rookie teams as protection detail for supply lanes as a means to boost relations. They could show on the map, and it would look a lot more alive.  Additionally, if they're on the map already, it would be neat if Bombers had that instant shoot down mechanic for them. 

3. Customizable Medals. Even if they don't give any stats, I'd love to give a unit the "Unbridaled Badass" medal for taking out 3 lizards in one turn with a pistol. Just something to add fun labels to your dudes. 

4. Ground transportation option. We've all had those times when we had to skip a mission right next to the base because both dropships are busy. What if you could send the rookies in a truck? This worked great in XCOM Files.

5. Armor Stat Bonuses. While this exists mildly, one of my favorite things from XDiv was the side variety of stat bonuses and detriments from armor made for certain tasks. It'd be nice. 


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