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[V.9.1] CTD at the end of air combat

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Firstly, I really like the new air combat mechanics.  

Secondly, the second time I tried it, it CTD at the end of the minigame. 


UPDATE: when I reloaded the save game it worked fine, no crash. It happened a second time (save also attached) and when I reloaded it, no issues.


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Thanks, I'm glad you like the new mechanics better than the old ones. So for these crashes are they happening on a regular pattern (e.g. every second combat after you start a game / load a save) or does the crash seem to happen at random?

Next time it happens I think it would be very helpful if you could post up the output logs, as that'll give some indication of what might be causing the crash. The first save seems to involve a very standard air combat setup so I haven't got any guesses as to the cause yet.

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