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[V8.3 Geoscape] Pistol weights aren't equal when they're supposed to be

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The initial ballistic pistol that you have in the game is, according to the flyover, weight 8. After researching alien plasma and mag weapons, it's possible to manufacture converted plasma pistols and mag pistols. In each case the weight of the weapon is, according to the tool tip, the same as the ballistic pistol - 8 units. However, when equipping them on a solider both converted alien weapons actually weigh 2 more units than the standard ballistic pistol.

If you open the attached save and go the armoury screen, my HEVY soldier is currently equipped with a ballistic pistol resulting in a carry weight of 84 and a 2 time unit penalty. If you equip either the converted mag pistol or the plasma pistol, although the tool tip says they weight 8 the carry weight of the soldier jumps to 86 and they incur a 4 time unit penalty. So either the tool tip or the carry weight of the weapon is inaccurate.


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