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Xenonauts-2 Closed Beta Build V7.4 Hotfix Released! (Experimental Branch)

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The fourth Hotfix for the Beta Build V7 update we put out on the Experimental Branch last week is now live. The V7 builds remain on the Experimental Branch so you'll need to switch to those branches if you want to get an update over Build V6 (which remains on the normal branches).

With V8 due in less than two weeks we expect this to be the final hotfix for the V7 builds, although we will do another one if any game-breakingly bad issues remain in V7 after this patch.


  • Soldiers should no longer randomly disappear. This was caused by an error in part of the save / load process (which also occurs when the game transitions between strategy and ground combat).
  • Soldiers with customised loadouts no longer revert to their default role loadout after a mission where another soldier is killed in battle.
  • Training objectives on all soldiers no longer get reset when a new soldier is hired.
  • Launch Interceptors screen now orders the bases in the list based on proximity to the target.
  • Aircraft equipment slots now update immediately when a new weapon is assigned to them.
  • Fixed an error where no weapon sounds would play on missions that were not UFO Crash Sites.
  • Fixed an error that occured when firing a soldier who was not in a dropship.
  • The naming of autosaves is now a little more consistent.
  • Fog of war has been made darker so it is easier to see.

Most of the work in this patch has been focused on fixing up the disappearing soldiers bug. We've definitely fixed one of the causes of this bug but it is possible that there are more lurking, so please report any further issues you encounter. The next major build is due on 1st October so even if we don't release another hotfix there will be another update coming soon.

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