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Some gameplay feedback from me. I didn't have the time to try V7, so this is based on V8.

The Skyhawk itself feels like I expected, a major improvement over the previous dropship. The ability to get out of it without wasting lots of TUs really makes a difference, and the dropship itself acts as reasonable cover when needed. Getting out can still feel a bit awkward due to not having any extra space to move in, so a width-3 ship wouldn't feel amiss, but it's not as awkward as I expected.

I don't like having 10 soldiers, it feels like too many in several ways. With 8, I always found there's a tradeoff to making one of my soldiers a specialist, like a HEVY carrier - it's a useful weapon but then I lose some more conventional firepower. With 10, at least the early Probe/Scout missions feel like I make no tactical tradeoffs. I can go for a high-suppression squad with two LMGs, or get different extras while still having plenty of soldiers with regular weapons. The whole part with soldiers being fragile also feels less relevant. Psyons kill my guys in one lucky hit, but even losing 2 soldiers doesn't feel like it creates extra trouble. With 8 soldiers, losing 2 was a setback because I couldn't properly cover every direction with just 6. So 10 feels like too many, and that's despite HEVY being bugged in this version.

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Since this is about the dropship management I suppose this goes here? I put it with the earlier dropship thread.

With the latest update which happened on Monday 10/7 for me since I was gone all weekend, I see we have an increase in squad size to 10. Don't mind the extra troops at all, although the increased number could have been made part of an upgrade in the dropship, I'm not going to complain about having extra guns along.

Organization is what I wanted to bring up. Across the top and bottom the troops are laid out in two ranks. I think it would be easier to work with if the soldier pictured lined up with position placement in the dropship. As is is now, with the split every other person is on the other side of the ship.

It's a minor point, but one I think would make navigation through the squad during mission set up less confusing, simpler.

Also, since you seem to have moved weapon roles from the ship position to the soldier a simple way to determine what the role is while assigning dropship positions would be useful. That way I don't have to make a list or keep checking with the armory equipment screen to find who has what weapon.

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8-man team should be more friendly to a new comer.  Less troops to manage, enough variety, and leaves more space for upgrade.

Side door is very useful from my X1 experience.  Glad to see it preserved.

Tilt-rotor is cool.  And offers an explanation of the continent-crossing speed.  Just make sure it has three wheels instead of four.
Both copter and fighters can be made flimsy or sturdy.  Scout helicopter to Mi26, training plane to A-10.
But on the map I think they are both thin walls, so that strikes me as more realistic.

Personally I'd leave dynamic door for more advanced, ufo-tech-stealing crafts.  Blame the slow hydraulic system of the low tech homo sapiens.

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