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Clarification on shot scattering

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I know this has probably been discussed to death, but I was just hoping for a bit of clarification on shot scattering. Shot scattering usually doesn't bother me, but occasionally I'll fire a heavy weapon or rocket and get a shot scatter that leaves me scratching my head. So, a few questions:

- Obviously firing at a target behind cover or with obstacles in between reduces your chance to hit, but does it increase the chance of the shot to scatter? Ergo. If I fire a rocket at a target behind cover, is it more likely to deviate from its course than if I'd target it via control clicking in front of the cover? Because looking at the accuracy formula, it seems like it's always safer and more accurate to aim in front of cover so that the blast radius encompasses the alien behind cover.

- Does the scatter formula apply in the Y axis (ie. if I'm targeting an alien on a different floor?) Ergo. Even if the green line shows that the rocket goes over an obstacle, there's still a chance it will scatter and fall into said obstacle? Also, I've noticed that cover percentages don't show in the Y axis, although they definitely impact on your hit chance (eg. If you have a soldier standing directly in front of you, they won't be highlighted as an obstacle if you aim one level up, but your accuracy % will increase by 25% if they crouch. 

- Very rarely I've been crouching behind one unit of cover and had a rocket detonate into it, or had an ally standing to directly to my side at a 90 deg. angle getting hit by a stray shot of a heavy weapon spray. This hardly ever happens, but it's very memorable when it does, and seems to violate the accuracy/spread formula. Shouldn't it be impossible for a rocket to collide with cover directly in front of you that you can easily shoot over?

- Does shot scattering apply with grenades, esp. in regards to cover? That is, if I try to throw over cover, it's more likely the soldier will drop the grenade in the same square they are standing on?



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