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Xenonauts-2 Closed Beta Build V6.2 Hotfix Released! (Experimental Branch)

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Today we're putting out another hotfix for Beta Build V6. This is only on the Experimental Branch and if you want to access it you need to opt into the Experimental Branches (click the previous message for instructions).


  • Fixed a crash that would occur any time you tried to save the game or fight a ground combat mission after having recovered a dead Psyon Officer.
  • Temporarily removed the Andron UFOs from the game because one of the Andron variants is causing the game to crash if you encounter it. You can still encounter Androns on Raid and Terror missions.
  • Unarmoured Sebillians are no longer invisible.
  • You should no longer see duplicate Raid / Terror missions spawning immediately after returning from a combat mission, or after loading a save game.
  • Nanothread armour is now a brown version of the Combat Armour, rather than being a pink error model.
  • Prevented the game generating huge amounts of errors if you take a weapon without ammo into battle.
  • Fixed a bug where loading a ground combat autosave would not display the vision cones of soldiers until you moved or rotated them.
  • Fixed a bug that would bring the door open cursor to the Geoscape if you finished a combat with your cursor over a door.

Please continue to let us know if you encounter major issues in the build, particularly if they were bugs you had not seen in V6 prior to the hotfix!

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