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Question about attachement upload to forum (file size issue)

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as you may have seen, I am active since Xenonauts 2 closed beta started here and I am often uploading files, especially for bug reports. I have some issue with file upload, which I sometimes added in remarks.

The issue is: I cannot seem to upload files with 2 MB or more. That's why I zip nearly everything and scale down screenshots to 75% of the original height/width which usually puts them under the "limit".

However it does not seem to be intended, because I do not get any error message about max file size. What happens if I try to upload such file is that it would simply stay in "queued" status forever and never get to uploading state. There is no way to post in this state (as it says there is upload in progress) and the only way to get out is to refresh browser page (luckily forum software remembers the entered text and uploads so far).

I noticed from some comments that others have this issue, too. On the other hand, I saw posts with much bigger file size (4k screenshots and videos that were not embedded from youtube but directly uploaded to forum).

So questions:

  • Is there any intended file size limit, maybe even set per user?
  • Is this a known issue with the forum software?
  • Does it maybe depend on browser version and/or active addons. I am using Firefox 66.0.5 (64 Bit) at the moment

It would be nice if a forum admin could comment on this. It is not a big issue as I can work around it, but it would save me some time if it could be solved.

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