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Reverting CE Suppression Changes?

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In Community Edition 0.31:


Firing at a target now may suppress it even if the shot does not hit anywhere near it and just flies close by. This should make firegun suppression have roughly the same effect like it used to before 0.30 release made missed shots continue flying in their direction instead of hitting nearby their target.

Is there any way to disable this? It sounds great on paper, but in practice it makes HMGs unusable imo. The suppression caused on friendly units is extremely high, to the point that HMGs either need to be left alone or far up on the front lines. And even then, I've actually had them suppress friendly Xenonauts hiding behind them. I've already tried lowering the suppression radius to 1, and while that helped some, not enough to make them worthwhile.

I've found no config options pertaining to this, though I did find the variable controlling projectile scatter which apparently prompted this change. How was it implemented? It there any way to undo it, or perhaps someone has a different tweak that could ease my frustration?

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So I think HMGs always worked in roughly the same way except for 0.30 where they did minimal suppression. The goal was definitely to keep the same visible outcome all along, although the firing mechanics changed.

You could affect the calculation in assets/config.xml:

<Suppression regenerationPercent="25" iconOffset="-80" iconName="tiles/SuppressionIcon.png"
                 showEasy="1" showNormal="1" showVeteran="1" showSuperhuman="1"/>

In there, add an argument called flyByRadiusFactor, e.g.:


The default value the game uses is 0.5. Lowering the value (maybe 0.25 is a good first guess for you) should decrease the suppression dealt to units that are in the firing line but don't suffer near hits, as in the usual situation for friendlies to be in.

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