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Better map definitions

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I'm sure you guys have noticed, but events can happen in some pretty wacky places at the moment. A fighter can strafe a shopping mall in the Sahara, or a public park on the northern edge of Greenland. Ideally, the map would have some (invisible) defined areas where certain events are not valid, to prevent this. Does anyone agree?

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A fighter can strafe a shopping mall in the Sahara

There's a Carry On movie were our intrepid cast have joined the foreign legion. They are lost in the desert, with no water. They see a mirage and run towards it just for it to vanish and for them to try and drink sand. It happens again.

Then, in the distance they see a beautiful dream resort. they laugh at their own foolishness and walk on.

Meanwhile, at the entrance to the lush resort the two owners fall out over their choice of location...

..then it gets strafed by aliens.

Oh, it was Carry On Follow that Camel

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It might actually be pretty easy to do.

Maybe the events system can be tied into the same file that defines which mission types are available in an area.

You could make sure that areas with no chance of a populated mission also has events that reflect that.

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