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I saw one of those silly polls that had Monty python as the second best British movie in six decades. It was behind trainspotting, but ahead of Clockwork Orange and 2001.

as for the thread, I'm shocked that you could cull it so easily. Sure, posts may dwindle away, but there should surely always be one of us here to keep the home fires burning in case it picks up again.

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Good point Gauddlike. As someone who values sticking rigidly to a topic, I wonder sometimes if newcomers feel that their points aren't being taken as seriously as they feel they should be. We might have read similar ideas before, and so we go off on tangents to really mine into them.

That's OK for us, as we've been round the forum long enough to have more than a few irons in the fire, but spare a thought for the OP and stick firmly to the topic. That's going to be my motto from now......until now. Whew, that was hard.

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Gee, I don't know how I'll be able to just go off at a tangent, derailing threads. it'll be tough. But no newcomer to the forums should have to go through a baptism of fire, just to feel that they belong.

Not sticking to a topic. That's my motto from now... oh, it probably already was my motto.

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That's a shame. There are a lot of people who just can't reason properly aren't there?

They simply can't hold a normal conversation, without droning on about their 'special' point of >yawn< view.

While it's all too easy to just nod and accept such things, I often try to very calmly and briefly let them know what they sound like. Then move on. The worst thing to is to descend to their level and try and reason it out.

They aren't going to listen and before you know it you're fighting fire with fire. It's just a waste really.

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It's always difficult when you are caught up in one of those conversations, particularly with people you know and/or respect. You try to pour oil on troubled waters, but you just end up enflaming things even further.

So you try to take a step back for some perspective, hoping to bring a fresh point of view, and instead you're just out of the frying pan and into the fire.

All right, you say, no problem, I can take the heat. I will extinguish this strife, and bring cooling balm to the fevered brows of my fellow humans, with my logic and reason. Instead, you find using logic and reason has simply added fuel to the conversation, and that being resonable has simply fanned the flames of your impassioned compatriats.

...this isn't working, you think. Ok, let me brainstorm, find a new way. Wait, I said brainstorm - not lightning storm, NOT LIGHT-.


dammit. So, my bright idea just made me a bright spark, and sparks in a volatile scenario, well, fwoosh is the word.

You know what? (You think to yourself in resignation) just pass me the marshmallows.

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