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v1.65 GOG Hotfix Geoscape? Crash on quit attempt

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After several hours of play I decided to quit, as I was getting the white triangle error and I didn't know the fix yet (I haven't had internet to verify the files there yet as it so happens), and when I did so the game crashed.  Nothing happened for some time and when I tried to open the task manager it opened in the background.  Sucks, but things happen, so I hard reset and when my computer turned back on the task manager opened.  Little weird, but I started up the game again and played for a while, got the white triangles again, quit again, crash again, c+a+d again, task manager in background again, hard reset again, task manager opens on reset again.  Wondering what might be up here, any information needed can be obtained and transmitted when I next gain internet for my laptop.


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